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What is Chaise Solutions LLC? : Chaise Solutions is a consultation firm that provides specially tailored, client-centered coaching and direct and indirect consultation services to help you to navigate life's trying situations in your personal or professional life.  From a clinical bird's eye view, the aim is to give you the clarity and confidence you need to thoughtfully weigh your options and identify tangible solutions for everyday problems. Coaching and support services at its best.

Get help virtually : Finding a convenient, accessible and safe way to get help in the comfort of your home or office can make getting the right support that much easier.  As we move through our day to day, it can be hard not to occasionally feel like you have lost your way. However, it is never too late to find your way back: no matter how big or small or how many times you have to do it. Keeping a goal in mind, identifying resources, and creating a plan with a thought-partner can be the first step to getting you back on the path to being your best you.  

Don't wait. Start today : Life can contain a series of unexpected potholes, detours and dead-ends, often without a road map. However. it doesn’t have to be a solo quest. Get in touch today for an free initial consultation. 

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